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Book Name : And Then There Were None
Title :  And Then There Were None.
Nice book to read if you like suspense story.
Testimonial 18-6-2021
Service and Quality
I have found a very good collection of books in CALL LIBRARY. It covers a variety of subject areas catering to a wide spectrum of readers. The staff is extremely courteous and service is prompt. However, I also noticed that some of the books, which might have been purchased long time back, are in a soiled condition. For example , some of my recently read books by Chetan Bhagat, Preeti Shenoy. I am currently reading book titled Urban Shots, which gives looks of an old damp book, which many of us may not like because of such a condition. I also request the readers to treat the books in more mature manner so that every subsequent reader also enjoys reading it. Let us treat them as our common collection meant to enrich our reading pleasure. With kind regards.
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