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How does CallLibrary™ work?

  • 1 Register yourself as a™ member
  • - For this, click on New User, provide your details and click on Register
  • 2 Choose Membership Plan
  • - Based on your reading habit select membership plan and mode of payment. Your account is now activated.
  • 3 Browse through our collection
  • - The entire collection has been classified into more than 40 categories to ensure that you find the books you want with utmost ease.
    - Select the books you want to read and add them to your Queue section.
  • 4. Make a book request
  • - Click on “My Account”, select the book/s which you want to read now and press “Request” button.
    - The status against each book in your Queue gives you an indication on availability status.
  • 5. Get a requested book and return
  • - After successfully book request we are delivered it to your doorstep and will normally reach you within 24 hrs.
    - When you have finished reading the books you borrowed, simply click the “Return” button in your “My Account” page and request new books from your Queue section.
    - There are no separate charges for pick-up/ delivery.
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