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Corporate Membership

Higher Employee Engagement for productivity improvement

As the world is moving towards knowledge based economy, every organization is going through major challenges about how to continuously engage it's vital resource i.e. employees.

We at CallLibrary have built unique platform which offers online corporate learning solutions. This solution comprises of more than 25,000+ titles on more than 40 categories and a reader base of more than 8000. There is a premium learning solution for the senior management through Harvard Business and top most international journals as well.

There is a varied client base who has been using our learning solutions like Vodafon, Adani, Makemytrip, Ernst & Young, Aircel etc

Our corporate learning solution offers business management, professional & personal development and work-life balance learning aid. We host all the publications of Harvard Business Press along with business case studies, magazine & reviews. Employees have an easy access to all the material with a click of mouse!

Benefits of Our Corporate Library Service:

  • No capital expenditure on books for setting up or upgrading corporate library
  • Virtual library on your desk convenient web based ordering from anywhere, anytime
  • No additional space required
  • No due date or late charges, access to unlimited books per month
  • Enhances employee value proposition and builds a community of readers
  • Wider range of titles to meet both personal and professional reading needs
  • Increase interaction and inculcate sharing through Book Club / periodic presentations (enhancing communication skills)

Employee Engagement Model

At Vodafone we believe in investing in Minds and that's why we subscribed to Call Library Services. Our employees are quite happy with the range of titles available and the prompt services provided by the courteous team of CallLibrary.

Preeti Pathak, Manager Learning & Development at Vodafone

Reading is the Best Habit - it is well said that tell me which book like to read & I will tell about you. Reading in the spare time help us to feel like released from routine stress. i advise to gift a good book on any occassion to your near & dear ones to allow them space for little change. many thanks to Yogeshbhai who has started this endeavour to educate Amdavadis to read more at not much cost.

Anish Shah, Sr. Manager HR & Admin at Panamax Infotech Limited

In my opinion this is one of the best HR initiatives so far. The library is truly exhaustive in terms of the variety offered as well as the depth of books in every category. What I particularly liked about the service is the ease of the browse-borrow-read-return model in just a few clicks. Kudos to Team CallLibary for this great effort

Shweta Kapadia, HR Manager at Azilen Pvt. Ltd

If you know me then you know that I am picky about customer service and rarely recommend a place unless I know it is great. Well, I signed up for Call Library last month to try them out. They passed with flying colors. The customer service that they showed far exceeded any customer service that I have ever had here in India and possibly the USA. As I said before they came on time, nicely dressed and spoke great English. They always responded to my emails in a timely manner. I did ask if they deliver to the small communities outside the city and they do. If you like to read then give them a try. Good job Call Library!

- Reasa Selph, Director at Metagrok

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