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Remember that feeling when you saw a ‘we are closed’ sign on the front door, the long wait for weekends to end, rushing to the library just a little before closing time, hurriedly picking up the closest book in sight, stocking up before sudden bank holidays? Then there was the crush of the bus or the chase of traffic to fight through to get there… Getting a book from the library used to be so demanding. Well, not any more!

We know how life pressures have tightened their grip on you. So while you are on a sprint routine, dreaming of getting that long awaited book on an auspicious day called the ‘I-am-not-so-busy-today day’, we have geared up to make sure that it reaches you at the speed of thought. What if we told you that you could have your most wanted selection of books delivered at your doorstep? If that sounds interesting enough, read on!™ is an online library service where books can be ordered from a real time web-enabled catalogue. All you have to do is choose the books you want from the comfort of your home or office and your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep … and we will pick it once you are ready to receive your next delivery!
  • Over 25000+ brand new English & Gujarati book collection
  • Books on more than 40 categories for all age group
  • Free delivery and pick up
  • Get requested books within 24 hrs
  • Keep the book as long as you want (No Late Charge)
  • Special collection and plans for children
  • Books can also be requested over phone
  • Live customer care support

And More….

Share your book collection and Earn!!

You may have pile of best books which you have already read & lying unused now. They say that your books are your love which stops you to give it to 'Pastiwala'. You are in dilemma on what to do with piles of books??

After being into the market since so long, we read your problems correctly. We have designed 'Share & Earn' Plan to solve the problem.

You share the knowledge with other readers by sharing your unused books Moreover, it frees your real estate & makes your earn as well!!

You can get it back when you need it
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