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Ketan Doshi 25-3-2022
The pleasure of reading is immense. The last two years were tough spending so much time on screen. The happiness one gets reading a book, physically holding and reading it curled up at your favorite place at home, has no bounds. My experience of utilizing CallLibrary has been since 2012 - the seamless service with a smile is noteworthy. we had to discontinue the services as we shifted to a far suburb of Ahmedabad. But they reached us out and are bringing a smile to all family members now with delivery to almost all new suburbs of Ahmedabad. The team led by Mr Yogesh is doing a great job of providing books on rental basis, physically.

Ashok Shah 18-6-2021
Service and Quality
I have found a very good collection of books in CALL LIBRARY. It covers a variety of subject areas catering to a wide spectrum of readers. The staff is extremely courteous and service is prompt. However, I also noticed that some of the books, which might have been purchased long time back, are in a soiled condition. For example , some of my recently read books by Chetan Bhagat, Preeti Shenoy. I am currently reading book titled Urban Shots, which gives looks of an old damp book, which many of us may not like because of such a condition. I also request the readers to treat the books in more mature manner so that every subsequent reader also enjoys reading it. Let us treat them as our common collection meant to enrich our reading pleasure. With kind regards.

Riya Parikh 2-7-2016
It has very good service. It delivers us any book in 24 hrs. It has very good collection of books. I suggest them to add Geronimo Stilton set of price of naltrexone books.

Anupama 24-10-2015
I have been the member of this library ever since it started in Ahmedabad. I had read about it in the news paper and being the mother of two small kids I hardly had the time to go to a book store or a library and browse through the books that I wanted to read. So this option of door step library was quite appealing and worth a trial at least. Since that day to the present day I am a member of call library. my daughter also gets her account activated during her vacations. Here I need to thank Yogesh and Hiten for adding their personal touch and satisfy the customers. I am actually very happy with the services they are providing us. one suggestion though that it is high time that Hindi books must be added to the collection and also the books of Garderner the Parry Mason series is also worth adding.

Shweta Shah 11-10-2014
Reliable & Affordable Online Library
I was a member of CallLibrary during my college days (2012-13) and it was an amazing experience! I remember that after requesting a book, I used to wait in anticipation; and every time the doorbell rang, I would jump and open the door and hope it would be the Book Delivery Person (aka angel). I truly believe that the staff members at CallLibrary are serving a noble cause. Their timely delivery (always within 24 hours) and a huge collection (though they can add a lot more authors!) of books is a treasure. After going through the sites of pricey competitors like DoorStep, BookMan and Liberia; I realized how much affordable CallLibrary is. Thank you so much!!! You have made numerous authors accessible to me and many other reading enthusiasts, in an economical way. I hope to become a member again soon. Read on everyone, because Winter is Coming!

Drashti Shah 13-5-2014
Great Job guys!
I am an ardent reader and Calllibrary is such a nice, cost effective solution to quench my undying hunger for books. The staff is polite, the website is very user friendly, and the books are in very good quality- not torn or tattered. My brother and I have been members for 2 years now and we are going to continue. I hope they expand their fiction collection which is already great!

Bharat Bachani 30-4-2014
Book:- 31 By Upendra Namburi
Before moving onto the book review, i would like to describe the services of Call Library as "Stellar". They are doing a super job and all the staff members are very cool and cooperative. Keep up the good work. Book Titled 31 by Upendra Namburi... Very nicely written and keeps you stick to it till the end. You can definitely read it if you like the corporate rat race and to know the pros and cons of working in MNC..

Yash Anandkumar Mandavia 28-2-2014
You will find many call libraries in ahmedabad now a days. But as it is said old is gold, calllibrary holds their head high.

Shailesh L. Patel 13-1-2014
Website is excellent and very user friendly. Nice collection of books on different subject and authors. Service is excellent and charges are far reasonable

Reena Chandrani 27-9-2013
About books
You have nice collection of Gujarati Books. but there is now very necessary to increase some latest book in collection. There are so many books which you can add. Awaiting for prompt action.

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