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You Were My Crush!...Till You Said You Love Me!
You Were My Crush!...Till You Said You Love Me!
Author : Durjoy Datta
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 200
People say a lot of things about Benoy.

‘I love him, but I don’t want him to drive a Bentley,’ his mom says. Or used to say. She is dead now. He drives a Bentley.

‘He is a stranger to me. I haven’t seen him since he was eight. I still receive his credit card bills though,’ his dad says.
‘He should stop drinking,’ his maid complains.
‘…stop bribing professors,’ his best buddy, Eshaan advises him.
‘Good for nothing, brat!’ his best friend, Diya says.
‘I never want to see you again. Stop stalking me or I will call the cops,’ the love of his life says.
‘You’re the best,’ his brother, Deb claims.
Between all this, who is the real Benoy?

This story is about Benoy picking up the pieces of his life and trying to find a meaning out of it. A big car, a big house, does it solve anything? Why is that despite having everything, he has nothing?

You Were My Crush! is Durjoy's fifth book.

His first book was Of Course I Love You!...till I find someone better! Of course I love you..!, is a story set in Delhi, during the years 2006-2008 that revolves around colleges, nightclubs, relationships and friendships. This book takes a dark and a hilarious view on modern day relationships. Narrated in Debashish Roy's unsure, confused and testosterone induced voice, it takes a jibe at college time romances.

"Of Course I love You..!" is the first book of the trilogy of book on "Deb" and "Avantika" and their journey through life.

Well, the second book, Now That You're Rich... Let's Fall in Love! traces their journey beyond college and into professional life at an investment bank in Hyderabad! Hideous Human Resource managers picking on them, horny seniors looking down their cleavages, piles of workload, crazy shopping sprees, crates of beer and endless cups of coffee... Out from college and into the real world... how does it change them? How do they stand behind each other as they face the world!

All love stories hit a bump sometime or the other! So does Deb and Avantika's. So while Now That You're Rich! deals with how they face the world, the third book, She Broke Up, I Didn't!...I just kissed someone else! takes the story forward and talks about how they battle the questions of infidelity, loyalty and love! Is lust different from love? Are girls more tolerant? What would hurt you more? Your partner writing a love song for someone else? Or sleeping with someone else? Is the answer any different for the two sexes?

How does their relationship weather the storm of infidelity? Will they fall apart?

About the Author
Durjoy Datta is bestselling author of five books, Of Course I Love You! (2008), Now That You're Rich! (2009), She Broke Up, I Didn't! (2010), Ohh Yes, I Am Single! (2011) and You Were My Crush! (To be released - 2011). All these books have enjoyed prolonged stays on various bestseller lists.

All his books are inspired from real life incidents.

His books have sold a total of 1,000,000 copies till date making him one of the highest selling Indian authors till date. One of the youngest and the most prolific authors in the Indian fiction scene, his works are characterized by dark humor and in-your-face realism. He is seen as one of the most unabashed writers in the genre.

Durjoy is a mechanical engineer from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and did his management from MDI, Gurgaon in 2011. Apart from books, he has a keen interest in outdoor sports and strength training activities.
Customer Reviews:You Were My Crush!...Till You Said You Love Me!
it roxx...
By prasanna raman, 3/19/2012 4:35:14 AM
it is a gr8 rox...!!!
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