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Children - 10 - 14 Age>> Series - Hardy Boys
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The Hardy Boys - Bayport Buccaneers
The Hardy Boys - Bayport Buccaneers
Author : Franklin W Dixon
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 160
An extreme challenge TV show comes to Bayport, and with a million-dollar prize on the line, the entire town is dying to compete. But when one contestant actually dies, it's up to the Hardy Boys to protect the other participants and track down the killer.

ATAC BRIEFING FOR AGENTS FRANK AND JOE HARDY MISSION: Investigate sabotage on the set of a pirate-themed, action-packed reality television show. LOCATION: Bayport waterfront. POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Show contestants and crew members. SUSPECTS: The surly mechanic on the set seems out for revenge, but there are also more than a few competitive contestants who will do anything to win.... This mission requires your immediate attention. This message will be erased in five seconds.
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