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Children - 10 - 14 Age>> Series - Roald Dahl
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The Witches
The Witches
Author : Roald Dahl
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 200
Winner of Whitbread Book Awards: Children's Book Category 1983.

Features 'real witches' - the ones that absolutely loathe children and are always plotting to get rid of them.
Customer Reviews:The Witches
Delightful tale of identifying and fighting witches! Hee Hee! :D
By Shweta, 8/3/2015 8:39:36 PM
HAHAHA. How come Roald Dahl didn't specify that witches have long noses? I think that's the most common stereotype. I remember a friend once saved my number as a korean character, who played a witch. Her reasoning was that my nose is long (I think!). Anyway, this delightful tale of identifying and fighting witches is a dahl story worth savouring. I might have over-read it, but i found undertones of feminism, when Dahl fought against the commonly held stereotypes.
Reviews posted for The Witches
The witches - by roald dahl
By Rohini Iyer, 9/1/2019 9:07:42 AM
The witches is an extremely good and fantastic book. I liked the part when the boy (or mouse ! )went to the witch's room at hotel magnificent and stole the bottle . Even after he turned into a mouse , he plucked up the courage to steal it .Roald Dahl wove magic to his story with his imagination and made this book more interesting and exciting . I would love to read this book again ! - by Nethra Sailesh Iyer
Reviews posted for The Witches

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