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Truth And Actuality
Truth And Actuality
Author : J Krishnamurti
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 171
In Truth and Actuality J. Krishnamurti takes up anew the central questions of truth, the possibility of realising it, and the problems of everyday living. He considers the relation between truth (which can only be perceived by an 'empty', unpreconditioned mind capable of moment-by-momentet awareness of life); reality as it appears to our consciousness, which is highly conditioned by our thought processes and traditions; and the actuality in which we live and which we perceive with our senses. In the main part of the book, Krishnamurti discusses how Man's consciousness is made up of all sorts of misconceptions about the 'me', or ego centre, and how solidly it is conditioned. His approach is always basically practical: can man be free of fear, of suffering, can he know himself, what is his relation to truth, what is the meaning of his life bounded by death? In each case Krishnamurti not only offers an explanation but indicates the means to discovery and the seed of realisation. The book ends with some questions and answers which help to throw light on problems of daily life. For instance, what is right livelihood, the place of will and emotion, the problem of suffering which he calls the 'stream of selfishness', and a revealing passage on the 'unifying factor' in meditation and life. As always, Krishnamurti sets out not to offer easy comfort but to help individuals see themselves with devastating clarity and to know that the central human problem can be solved only one way - by and for oneself.
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