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Exploration Into Insight
Exploration Into Insight
Author : J Krishnamurti
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 190
Exploration into Insight is a series of dialogues that Krishnamurti held in India over many decades with friends and serious enquirers. Among them were Achyut Patwardhan, Pupul Jayakar, Maurice Friedman and others who had gathered around him since the forties. The dialogues cover a wide range of subjects. The concern in these dialogues is the freedom of the mind from the bondages of memory and time, a mutation in consciousness and the arising of insight that gives deep roots of steadiness to the mind. The processes of self-knowing are investigated with rare vigour and intensity. There is in these dialogues a relentless questioning, probing, a listening and a seeing . The way in which these dialogues unfold is unique in itself. They are not questions and answers or even just an exchange of opinion. They form a new genre of communication typical of Krishnamurti - that of a deep listening, a tentative beginning and an exploration that leads to refresh perceptions.
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