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The Savage Gorge
The Savage Gorge
Author : Colin Forbes
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 278
This is a story of Tweed and co. Tweed, the deputy director of S.I.S and a former police officer and his team comprising of Monica, the ever efficient secretary. Paula Grey, the confident and rather beautiful assistant. Robert Newman, A rich former foreign correspondent with a network of contacts. Marler, the suave marksman and a very deadly shot he is too. Harry Butler and Peter Neild, reliable and not just strong arm boys. Experts in locks and good with explosives. For this story as with several of the last ones, the investigation has been murder. Tweed has been asked to take charge of a rather gruesome pair of murders committed on London's streets. A serial killer or something much worse? There is Lord Bullerton, sometimes referred to as 'The Pit Bull' and his strange family and housekeeper in remote part of the country. The strange town of Gunners Gorge and Black Gorse Moor. Then there is the strange and rather sinister owner of Otranto, Neville Guile. Add several assorted characters and mix well. The story is written in the third party style and is quite a good page turner. I managed to read the whole book in one afternoon, with interruptions, when normally I would have to take a whole day or at least several evenings. The narrative is a bit jerky in some places where previously it had flowed seamlessly from incident to incident. What is lacking here is the depth of character and the brooding elements of menace and danger. The elements of landscape description that Colin Forbes could weave into a rich tapestry filled with menace seem to be somewhat lacking. It is a good book, a reasonable read but not a great one. One to get to complete the set. It is a book that has an un-fleshed out feel to the story. The main elements are all there but it feel lacking in some of the finer details.
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