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Chicken Soup For The Soul Indian Women
Chicken Soup For The Soul Indian Women
Author : Jack Canfield
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 320
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Indian Women deals with the universal questions and dilemmas faced by this gender anywhere in the world, but within a framework and a context that is uniquely Indian. This book resonates with voices of women --- daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, students and career woman who have sometimes intentionally and sometimes serendipitously found their own truth amid chaos,hope in dark times, courage and love in adversity.

From author Shashi Deshpande's quest to keep the writer in her alive through domesticity to Soni Razdan's brush with a dream debut to women who have lived many lifetimes in their kitchens and work places, Chicken Soup for the Indian Woman's Soul is composed from a heartwarming recipe for all those looking for a cup brimful of inspiration and good cheer on a rainy day.
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