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Children - 10 - 14 Age>> Series - Black Stallion
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Son Of The Black Stallion
Son Of The Black Stallion
Author : Walter Farley
Publisher : Random House
Language : English
ISBN No. : 0-679-81345-4
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 268
When the Black Stallion son arrives from Arabia, young Alec Ramsay is thrilled. Satan is everything a horse should be: strong, spirited, and intelligent. But veteran trainer Henry Dailey senses something disturbing in the colt's stony gaze. Satan has his fathers fire, but he also has a killer's instincts, and he deeply distrusts every living creature. Henry fears the animal will be impossible to tame. But Alec is determined to win the love and confidence of this wild beast. He'll turn Satan into a champion racehorse--even if it means risking his own life!
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