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Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better
Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better
Author : Durjoy Datta
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 232
Of course I love you…, is a story set in Delhi, during the years 2006-2008 that revolves around colleges, nightclubs, relationships and friendships. It’s about a young college going guy – Debashish Roy.

Debashish Roy, is as his name suggests, is ordinary. What’s not though is his enviable interminably long list of girls he had managed to date and taken to bed amongst other things. Things are going fine until one day, Avantika, a girl so beautiful that you would have a tendency to stab yourself back to reality, walks into his life and wrests away everything he has. As his relationship with her gets steamier and deeper, everything else in his life gets on a fast track to one direction. Down.

Of Course I Love You…Till I Find Someone Better takes a dark and a hilarious view on modern day relationships in colleges. Narrated in Debashish Roys’ unsure, confused and testosterone induced voice, it takes a jibe at college time romances.

As Deb’s philandering days come to an end with Avantika who herself two times him, he sees everything from being hunted and followed around the city, getting kicked out his college placements, Deb is tested in every which way possible….only to get dumped for a reason which is unfathomable even outside the realms of reality.

As Avantika and his luck desert him, he lands up with a job in his father’s previous firm, a government office amongst some people who weren’t his father’s best friends and makes friends with Amit, the genius of the office, who was yet to have his first conversation with a girl, as he waits for his life to sort out. And for Avantika to come back…..

About The Author

Durjoy was born on 7th February, in Mehsana, Gujarat, a place he was there to crawl out to this world and has never been back there since. He joined his sister in the family, who was already fighting it out since three years and they moved to New Delhi soon after. At Bal Bharati Public School, Durjoy tried participating in all sorts of projects, activities, and organizations for the sole reason that his parents pushed him. After failing miserably in them and even more miserably in dating someone he buried himself in books only to come out as fat and ugly.
Customer Reviews:Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better
I really love it !!
By Nikul, 1/7/2010 4:01:34 PM
The first thing we notice about any novel is its “Title” and if the title is so fascinating then one will surely dig out time to go through this book. A book by very young authors Durjoy Datta and Maanavi Ahuja both from Delhi. The last part of the title “till I find someone better..” is the dream of every engineering student….but it’s a dream seen by open eyes and “Off course” is never fulfilled for at least for99% guys but our hero Deb belongs to other 1%(I wish I could have been among 1% of those guys!!!!!).He fulfills his dream by loving girls mostly behind the tinted windows of cars, the old bhootbangala and surprisingly in the gardens of the India Gate early in the morning……now that’s really amazing!!!!!!!!!
Reviews posted for Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better
of course i love u
By gazal, 7/31/2010 11:31:53 AM
real story that makes you undrrstand the psyco of people who takes life as it comes- never too serious abt it!! its a good change and quite a gripping story that keeps you baffled with the twist and turns..
Reviews posted for Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better

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