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Beneath A Blood Red Moon
Beneath A Blood Red Moon
Author : Shannon Drake
Publisher : NA
Language : English
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 384
"Master storyteller Shannon Drake plunges readers into breathtaking stories of irresistible passion. Now, in a tale that sweeps the reader from the antebellum South to contemporary New Orleans, she explores the dark, sensuous world of love and immortality -- of the beauty and the beast whom some call vampire... Maggie Montgomery, the owner of Magdalena's, an elegant New Orleans boutique, gasped when she learned about the mysterious beheading of a local street person, and the trail of blood that led from the corpse to her building. Her shock turned to turmoil when she met Sean Canady, the police officer who arrived to question her...and inspired a dangerous desire.Something powerful -- and beyond reason -- had brought Maggie and Sean together. Something that spoke of an interwoven past, and a passionate torment that began generations before under a blood red moon. For on that night of erotic seduction, Magdalena Montgomery became a vampire, and began a century-long quest to find the one man whose love was pure enough, strong enough to save her from the darkness within....
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By Pratik Machchar, 7/23/2021 1:59:19 AM
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