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Giant Steps
Giant Steps
Author : Anthony Robbins
Publisher : Pocket Books
Language : English
ISBN No. : 0-7434-0936-1
Availability : InTransit
No Of Pages : 365
"His 'Giant Steps' is a distillation of the key hints and tips of the earlier book and is an absolute gem. Open it randomly and you'll be hit between the eyes with a solution to something that's been eluding you for years. He is able to reframe absolutely any situation to see the positive aspects and the learning from it. One of my favourites is intensifying your experience of positive emotion by coming up with new words to describe your emotional state, so for example instead of saying that you feel happy, say that you feel exuberant or impassioned. You then create a new reality - honestly! He helps us to see how we tend to perpetuate negative and destructive behaviour and uncompromisingly shakes us out of it. Giant Steps is a great source of advice, although some of the pieces seem a little disjointed or out of context - that's when you realise that you really should invest in the original.
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