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The Greatest Miracle in the World
The Greatest Miracle in the World
Author : Og Mandino
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 136
The Greatest Miracle In The World is a heart-warming story of hope and inspiration that will affect your thoughts and actions long after the final sentence has touched your heart. This is the incredible story of Simon Potter, a ragpicker who delivers an inspiring “memorandum from God” to make the difference between success or disaster in YOUR life. This book is sure to bring you up when you are feeling down—a great antidote for depression. One of Og Mandino’s best stories.
Customer Reviews:The Greatest Miracle in the World
Four principles of happiness
By Ajay Ciciliya (55550148), 10/23/2017 12:54:57 AM
The author Mr OG Mandino is well known motivational speaker from USA. The book enumerate four principles of happiness in the most lucid way and four principles are.. 1. Count your blessings 2. Proclaim your rarity 3. Go another mile 4. Use wisely your power of choice, The principles are explained more with Christian background, which could be limitation for people following other faiths. The exercise for 100 days i.e. reading God's memorandum before sleeping could be worth experimenting. However, it seems to be difficult, as it is almost 13 pages documents. The book is suitable for self-motivation and can be used as a guide book, while counseling others.
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