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The Great Indian Middle Class
The Great Indian Middle Class
Author : Pavan K Varma
Publisher : Penguin Books
Language : English
ISBN No. : 0-14-027658-0
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 232
In this powerful and insightful critique, the author examines the evolution of the Indian middle class in this century, especially in the fifty years since Independence. He shows us how the middle class, guided by self-interest alone, has subverted the goal of an egalitarian society' how, over the years, its commitment to democracy and the lectoral process has declined; and how economic liberalization has only heightened its tendency to withdraw from anything that does not relate directly to its material well-being. Finally, he argues that the project for the `secession of the successful' is as dangerous as it is unrealistics in a country like India. For, if the middle class remains insensitive to the needs of the vast number of Indians who live in extreme poverty, it does so at the risk of considerable political instability which will militate against the very prosperity that it desires.
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