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It Happens for a Reason
It Happens for a Reason
Author : Preeti Shenoy
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 216
Vipasha is a young, beautiful and single 18-year-old, who gives up a promising career in modeling to have her baby. She ends up cutting ties with her family and the father of her child, Ankush. Sixteen years later, Vipasha is well settled in life with two unusual careers – she owns a dog boarding facility and is a gym trainer. Her son, Aryan, loves her and hopes for her to find a life partner. Vipasha had feelings for Saurabh, the vet and things were going well, when Ankush comes back into their lives all of a sudden. What will Vipasha do now and how will Aryan react to all this? Will she resume her ties with Ankush and repeat the mistakes she made in the past? It Happens for a Reason will make for an engaging and enthralling read for those who enjoy reading love stories.
Customer Reviews:It Happens for a Reason
Delightful light story....
By MEGHA SANGHVI, 6/25/2016 9:22:15 PM
A light delightful story... full of twists & turns!!! How certain incidents in our lives, though appear shocking to begin with, eventually turn out to be for our very good !! It all happens for reasons, which maybe unknown to us. The struggles of a single mother followed by a mixture of emotions when her son starts looking out for his father one fine day.... - jealousy, betrayal, not wanting to share him with his dad, protectiveness for her son!!
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