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Does He know a mothers heart?
Does He know a mothers heart?
Author : Arun Shourie
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 435
A child is in agony. Is it because God does not have the power to prevent suffering? Or, though He has the power, He does not know? Or that He knows and has the power but doesnt care?

Why is the child suffering? It must be because of the childs karma, we are told. But how do we know he did some wrong? Because he is suffering, we are told as if that is anything except a mere circularity.

No one is suffering, say the mystics, Everything is maya. Yet they eat, they teach, they pen books. If the world is all maya, why do they do all this? Or do they mean something else when they say, The world is unreal?

We cannot escape suffering. How may we put it to work?

A profound examination of these and other questions, questions that each of us has to face in life.

About The Author
Scholar, author, former editor and minister, Arun Shourie is one of the most prominent voices in our countrys public life and discourse.
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