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Author : Lee Child
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 540
Digging swimming pools by hand in Key West, Florida, Jack Reacher is as tanned and as fit as he’s ever been. A local girl says he looks like a condom filled with walnuts.Being invisible has become a habit. He doesn’t want to be found.nnSo when a private detective comes nosing around and asking questions, Reacher is not pleased. Especially when he later finds the guy dead. With his fingertips sliced off. Why was he so determined to find him? What does the vicious Wall Street honcho Hook Hobie have to do with it? And what about the reappearance of a woman from Reacher’s own troubled past?nnTripwire is a taut, nailbiting adventure which once again stars Lee Child’s irresistible hero, the maverick former military policeman Jack Reacher.

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Jack Reacher is a dynamo of a character, wily in an innocent sort of way, and the anchor to one of the best new series in thriller fiction… he's spellbinding whether kicking in doors or just kicking around a thought in his brain.,A big, brash action novel, this is ideal for that long train or plane ride.,Fast-moving, violent and gripping.,A slickly effective thriller which confirms Child's ability to keep the reader guessing - and sweating.,Child's newest Jack Reacher thriller is his best yet… his crisp prose, intriguing protagonist and skilled storytelling should win fans. Suspense fiction doesn't get much better than this.,Establishes Child in the premier division. It's a sparkling, character-driven yarn. Taut, with more than a touch of sweet romance, this is dangerously compulsive, so be warned - don't start it at bedtime or you'll be up all night.
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