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The Krishna Coriolis Series - Flute Of Vrindavan (Book - 3)
The Krishna Coriolis Series - Flute Of Vrindavan (Book - 3)
Author : Ashok K Banker
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 247
The notorious stealer of dahi, the naughty god-child, the Preserver himself, wields the flute to make evil dance to his tunes.

Infant Krishna and his half-brother Balarama are the most mischievous children in all of Gokuldham, getting up to all sorts of pranks, raiding neighbours dahi handis and letting the calves run free. But disciplining God Incarnate is no easy task. It slowly dawns on Mother Yashoda that the babe she is trying to protect is in fact the protector of the entire world! As little Krishna survives one horrific asura attack after the other, she comes to terms with the true identity of her adopted son.

Meanwhile, Kamsa deals with his frustration at not being able to kill the Slayer by building his own powers and skill to superhuman proportions, mastering a deadly war game and becoming a champion wrestler. With Jarasandha s aid, Kamsa despatches a team of otherworldly assassins to slay the Slayer. Harried by Kamsa s forces, Krishna s adoptive father, the peace-loving Nanda Maharaja, is forced to lead his people into exile. They find safe haven in idyllic Vrindavan. But even in this paradise, deadly demons lurk ...

Book 3 of the Krishna Coriolis series brings alive the childhood of the Preserver in his enchanting Krishna avatar, fraught with peril, but also drenched in the love of his parents and neighbours.

About The Author

Ashok K. Banker is the author of the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series and other books. He lives in Mumbai with his family. Visit him online
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