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Thirteen Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why
Author : Jay Asher
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 288
Thirteen Reasons Why is inspired by certain incidents that occurred in the author’s high school. It is the touching story of Hannah Baker, who commits suicide. By way of a set of audio tapes, she reveals thirteen reasons for her decision to kill herself. She mails these audio tapes to one of her classmates, instructing her to pass them on from one classmate to another in the manner of a chain letter.

The reader also gets to view the story through the eyes of Clay Jensen. He happens to be Hannah Baker’s classmate, crush and one of the reasons why she decided to take her life. After finding the package of audio tapes waiting for him on his return from school, he is soon on his way all around the town with Hannah’s recorded voice playing guide. This way he comes face to face with Hannah’s pain and also learns the truth about himself, something that he wished he would never have had to face. All through the night he listens to the tapes and discovers something that would change his life.

Thirteen Reasons Why was a New York Times bestseller. It was also voted as Barnes and Noble’s Top 10 Best for Teens and won the California Book Award. It also won several state awards based on the votes by students in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Its foreign rights have been sold in many countries such as Brazil, Croatia, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vietnam. The book is to be made into a movie starring Selena Gomez.
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