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One Hundred Years of Solitude
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Author : Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : InCirculation
No Of Pages : 422
"One of the 20th century's enduring works, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a widely beloved and acclaimed novel known throughout the world, and the ultimate achievement in a Nobel Prize–winning career.
Customer Reviews:One Hundred Years of Solitude
I am high on Literature!
By Shweta, 4/2/2016 9:24:51 AM
This is the most tragic, most magical and most "critically acclaimed" novel that I ever read. Spanning hundreds of years, in a magical town of Macondo, the protagonists share the names (befuddling)! Imagine reading the detailed -and jumbled- history of a family-tree, only to realize that nothing comes out of it, "because races condemned to one hundred years of solitude did not have a second opportunity on earth". In all honesty, I don't really know if the book is a literary-masterpiece or a verbal-diarrhea. Anyway, my fav quote: "The world was reduced to the surface of her skin and her inner self was safe from all bitterness.”
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