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Acts Of Faith
Acts Of Faith
Author : Erich Segal
Publisher : Bantam Books
Language : English
ISBN No. : 0-553-56070-0
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 545
A towering novel of sin and salvation, Acts of Faith is bestselling author Erich Segal's new tour de force. With a gripping plot and more intricacies than any labyrinth Acts of Faith keeps the reader engrossed and turning page after page till the very end.
Customer Reviews:Acts Of Faith
Acts Of Faith
By Rini Gupta, 1/21/2013 2:53:57 AM
Its an Awesome read. A tale where you see 3 lives continuously spinning around in different directions. Yet, they all end at the best. Segal's writing kept me spellbound till the end, the way he wrote about Jewish culture. I'd say, Its a book, worth spending your evenings with... :)
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