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12 - Asterix at the Olympic Games
12 - Asterix at the Olympic Games
Author : Rene Goscinny
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 48
This excellent album has a brilliant new idea: Asterix can win the contests without the magic potion! The shrewd little Gaul is never at a loss.

Since the beginning (or almost), Asterix albums with their picaresque Romans and unknown lands have presented us with lots of trips full of surprises. But this time the adventure changes, in so far as the whole village goes off to win medals in Greece. This means that hitherto secondary characters such as Geriatrix, who is completely wild here, are developed.

After having seen the beginnings of rugby in Asterix in Britain, here we discover, with the help of hilarious evidence, that highly unrecommendable sporting practices already existed in 52 BC.
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