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Joker In The Pack
Joker In The Pack
Author : Ritesh Sharma & Neeraj Pahlajani
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 195
Customer Reviews:Joker In The Pack
This is a story of dreaming the great Indian middle class dream, and of life shaped - accidentally or by design, only God knows - by the great Indian middle class values.
By Umang Dave, 8/28/2015 12:07:24 AM
Joker in the Pack' has all the contents of a classic 'Chetan Bhagat' creation although it is highly relatable especially to an MBA student right from the agonizing Summers to the final placements. It is extremely fast-paced and difficult to put down. The authors, Ritesh Sharma and Neeraj Pahlajani although alumni, have an irreverent view of the IIMs asserting that it's not all fun and games and the stellar salary package. Although the language is a bit simplistic and the stereotypes get a bit much (you have to turn back a few pages to check, which category a person was assigned!), it is a light and interesting read. Noteworthy is that the authors have managed to portray the actual processes in an IIM without being too disrespectful. Highly recommended for MBA students, although a onetime read, it is packed with enough meat and colourful language that would make you want to finish the book in 3 hours flat.
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