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Above Average
Above Average
Author : Amitabha Bagchi
Publisher : HarperCollins
Language : English
ISBN No. : 978-81-7223-653-3
Availability : InTransit
No Of Pages : 307
Arindam Chatterjee is a middle-class Delhi boy with an aptitude for science and maths but the yearning to be the drummer of a rock band. Both of which necessitate his admission to the premier engineering college of India, the IIT, where life revolves as much around proving rarefied mathematical truths as it does chasing the elusive high of rock stardom at the IIT Rock Fest ... Lyrical, spare, and charmingly self-deprecatory Amitabha Bagchi's debut novel is a deeply funny account of growing up intelligent, sensitive, ambitious, and confused. For more on the book, including excerpts, authorspeak and event info, visit us at 'I like the honesty and truthfulness of the story; I like the understated quality of the emotions, and I particularly appreciate the simplicity and directness of the prose style.'
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