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The Secret: Daily Teachings
The Secret: Daily Teachings
Author : Rhonda Byrne
Publisher : NA
Language : English
ISBN No. :
Availability : Available
No Of Pages : 365
A Guide to the Secret
'The Secret: Daily Teachings' by Rhonda Byrne is a guide written so that the readers can apply the teachings from her previous book 'The Secret' more accurately in their daily lives. 'The Secret' focused on showing the readers some magical paths to change their lives for the greater good, whereas this book is about how to observe those magical paths by bringing about changes in your daily life.

Rhonda Byrne has strived hard to make this book a game changer for people and has therefore included daily exercises and tasks that they can bring about a positive change.

The Law of Attraction
This book is a sequel to The Secret because it starts where the previous book had left off. It goes on to explain the laws of attraction and how they can positively affect one’s life. It also tells the readers about how saying certain things in a specific manner can make a lot of impact on your daily life. It tells the readers how they can live in harmony and gain wisdom through simple daily life exercises.
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