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Queen of Dreams 
By Vijaya Mehta, 10/23/2012 5:25:36 AM
This is Chitra Banerjee's 3rd book that I have read.Her style has captivated me.Every book tackles a different subject;such versatility is amazing.I guess,presently she is one of the best Indian authors writing in English. This book weaves stories of three generations of women, intricately linking each event to the others' life.The mother- daughter relationship has been sensitively protrayed-the tinge of possessiveness hidden behind the overwhelming love of the daughter which is misunderstood as jealousy,the protectiveness of the Mother towards her daughter is surreal!As the daughter grows into an adult,then becomes a mother,her perceptions of her Mother also change -its been beautifully described.It maintains the mystery at times bordering.. on mysticism...A must read for everyone..
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