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Book Name : The Complete Adventures Of Feluda Volume 1
Title :  The Classic Book
El Classico.......Ray has written stories of a master sleuth which are both intriguing and amazing.....It binds us to the story as we read on and at the end of the book we feel why the hell the book is getting over.....It is also based in surroundings which we are known to which makes the book a MUST READ!!!!!
Testimonial 11-10-2014
Reliable & Affordable Online Library
I was a member of CallLibrary during my college days (2012-13) and it was an amazing experience! I remember that after requesting a book, I used to wait in anticipation; and every time the doorbell rang, I would jump and open the door and hope it would be the Book Delivery Person (aka angel). I truly believe that the staff members at CallLibrary are serving a noble cause. Their timely delivery (always within 24 hours) and a huge collection (though they can add a lot more authors!) of books is a treasure. After going through the sites of pricey competitors like DoorStep, BookMan and Liberia; I realized how much affordable CallLibrary is. Thank you so much!!! You have made numerous authors accessible to me and many other reading enthusiasts, in an economical way. I hope to become a member again soon. Read on everyone, because Winter is Coming!
Special Forces
by Tom Clancy John Gresham
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