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Book Name : Barbie in Dreamland
Title :  Barbie in Dreamland
It is fantastic book. In it there is 6 fantastic barbie stories. It has all what I need in my collection of Barbie Stories. I had heard that this movie is good. But, I have not seen it but when I read this book there is whole story of that movie in this book. So, I love it very much.
Testimonial 24-10-2015
I have been the member of this library ever since it started in Ahmedabad. I had read about it in the news paper and being the mother of two small kids I hardly had the time to go to a book store or a library and browse through the books that I wanted to read. So this option of door step library was quite appealing and worth a trial at least. Since that day to the present day I am a member of call library. my daughter also gets her account activated during her vacations. Here I need to thank Yogesh and Hiten for adding their personal touch and satisfy the customers. I am actually very happy with the services they are providing us. one suggestion though that it is high time that Hindi books must be added to the collection and also the books of Garderner the Parry Mason series is also worth adding.
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